About Us

Welcome to Sunflour Baked Goods. 

Who am I?

My name is Alyson Stephan and I am responsible for delivering happiness. 

Why was Sunflour created? 

Sunflour Baked Goods is the result of an overactive sense of creativity and an addiction to baking competition shows.

Why the name Sunflour? 

Simple, I love the flower and quite honestly a well crafted pun. On a more poetic and sentimental note, I believe sunflowers are a representation of happiness. 

What else do I need to know?

Sunflour Baked Goods are baked with care and made with sunshine. I know what you are thinking…what does that even mean? Sunflour is a passion project, which means with every cup of sugar, every crack of an egg, and every dollop of buttercream comes from the heart. I am dedicated to bringing you the best quality and tastes possible. Most importantly I am dedicated to delivering sunshine by providing you with a tiny taste of happiness.

Thank you sincerely for your business and enjoy!