Saying Goodbye

Perhaps you have noticed our account has been quiet for some time. We initially shut down our operation at the beginning of 2020 in response to Covid to ensure the protection of our customers.

As the year that never seemed to end dragged on lots of big things happened for us that required our care and attention. We got married, we moved, we got a new job, we bought a home and moved again. Like many of you we needed to take a much needed break to focus on our mental health and reevaluate. It was during that time that we made the decision to shut down our operation permanently.

Sunflour was founded out of a love for baking, a joy for creating something delicious, an ambition for taking on new challenges (some of your orders certainly pushed us) and a dedication to making you smile. We haven’t given up on any of those things, we just realized this outlet no longer serves us in the way that it used to.

With that being said, we want to extend a sincere thank you for your patronage. Thank you for your belief in a tiny little business that started with a dozen pink cupcakes to celebrate a fellow baker’s birthday. We love you, we appreciate you 💕

Finally we just want to remind you to not be afraid take a chance on a passion, but more importantly not be afraid to give it up if it is no longer serving you. 🌻

– The Sunflour Family